Know yourself, celebrate success and change the world!


How are you doing with that?

You have already achieved a lot in your life. You have high goals. They are committed to a better world. As a manager, you make a major contribution to the success of your organization. You run your company with passion. They advise entrepreneurs with passion.

At the same time, you are faced with unique challenges:

Inspire your employees, bosses, customers and investors

Master upheavals and develop a new vision for life

Strengthen your passion for your life's dream

Too little time and too many priorities at the same time

Keep areas of life in balance

Get to the bottom of your “success hinderers”.

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Professional excellence in line with your beliefs

What you can achieve

I support sustainability professionals and managers to be professionally successful and AND happy

Emotional intelligence

You will improve your ability to understand other and (sometimes difficult) people, to inspire them with your goals and to work with them with pleasure. 

Find your own way

You develop a clear compass for your life and career. You identify your values. You will learn how to deal with upheavals and how to stay true to your guiding star forever. 

Follow your purpose full of energy

Use sustainable methods to continually replenish your mental and physical resources and achieve your goals powerfully.

coping with stress

Master techniques for acute stress management and learn to apply the most important elements for a healthy lifestyle on a daily basis.

Holistic life success

As the conductor of your life, you coordinate different areas of life. Learn to balance work, family, friends, interests and health.

Self-knowledge and development

You gain clear insights into your strengths and weaknesses. You become aware of your influences and thought patterns. You develop a clear idea of how to achieve success. 


Should, would have, could, would, Make!

What makes my coaching so special?

The focus of my coaching is action – a powerful focus on concrete and courageous actions. 

The basis for our successful coaching is laid through an in-depth inventory and working out even the more hidden causes of your challenges. This will help you get to know your personality, values, strengths and weaknesses from a new perspective. 

With the scientifically based method “Know and Do.It.Now!” develop your individual vision of life. You learn to put these into practice with passion and enthusiasm.

I accompany you on this path with sensitivity and results-focused energy. In inspiring individual coaching sessions, you will develop strategic solutions to your challenges.

After your coaching you will know (again) what makes you happy. What mark you want to leave in this world and how you inspire other people to achieve your goals. You are even more aware of your personality, its characteristics and individual emotional and behavioral patterns. You have learned an effective method with which you can continue to develop your personality on your life journey. 

I will work with you to develop a compass that you can use to create a successful life.

“I would be happy to accompany you on your journey to professional success, which is also measured by whether you manage to change the world for the better.”

rudolf auer

Rudolf Auer

Mentor and coach

Coaching and mentorship

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